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Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau Alaska While many people associate Alaska with icebergs and frozen tundra, in fact it is one of the most scenic states in the United States.  Its massive glaciers, huge forests, raging rivers, and island-filled seas and fjords make Alaska a desirable location to visit for tourists with a wide variety of interests.

Alaska is separated from the rest of the United States by Canada's Yukon Territory and British Columbia.  The Arctic and Pacific Oceans lie on either side, and it is separated from Russia by the Bering Strait.

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Alaska covers 586,400 square miles, which makes it the largest state in the United States.  But with just 650,000 people, it is also the least densely populated.  Almost half of the Alaskan population resides in its largest city, Anchorage, while most of the rest of the population lives in the state's second-largest city, Fairbanks, as well as Southeast Alaska, the Mat-Su Borough, and the Kenai Peninsula.

Alaska can be divided into eight separate regions.  These are Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula, Prince William Sound, Southeast Alaska, the Interior, Southwest Alaska, Arctic Alaska, and Western Alaska.  Each region has its own distinct character.

Alaska brown bear fishing for salmon As the state's largest city, Anchorage is best known for the urban flavor it brings to an otherwise rugged and wild state, while the Kenai Peninsula is a favorite stomping ground of those who enjoy outdoor activities.  Located on the south coast, Prince William sound is a bay known for its wildlife viewing opportunities, as well as its breathtaking scenery.  Southeast Alaska, home to the state capital of Juneau as well as many beautiful islands, has many quaint and charming towns and villages to explore.  The enormous Interior, which is divided by the Alaska Range, is home to Alaska's Klondike goldfields, as well as the state's second-largest city, Fairbanks.  Southwest Alaska comprises some of the state's best fishing waters; this region is also known for its volcanic landscapes.  Arctic and Western Alaska may be the states' loneliest regions.  Accessible only by air, these vast landscapes are characterized by spans of tundra, wild mountain ranges, and excellent bird watching opportunities.

In addition to being the largest state in the United States, Alaska is also one of the most diverse!  For more information about Alaska, visit the official State of Alaska government website and this Alaska Map website.

aerial view of Denali (formerly Mount McKinley), Alaska
Denali, Alaska

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Alatna River Valley, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, Alaska.
Flowers in Denali Nation Park, Alaska.
White Pass Scenic Railway in Skagway, Alaska.
Breathtaking Northern Lights as seen from Alaska.
Alaska has an interesting map icon.
Early Map of Alaska and Adjoining Territory 1869.  GPO, Lindenkohl, H. 1869 Wshington, DC.
Mountain biking on a forest trail in Alaska.
Log cabin near Fairbanks, Alaska.

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